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Nancy Wright Steinberg, RYT

Nancy was introduced to yoga by her mother when she was a teenager. After a 25 year career in Dental Technology, she was so inspired by the many benefits of yoga that she took a new career direction, teaching Yoga. She studied various forms of yoga, completing over 800 hours of teacher training. Nancy started teaching yoga in 2002 for Potomac Yoga where she received much of her training. In 2005 she started her own business teaching under the name Kula Yoga.

Nancy also is teaching multi-level yoga classes at Lifetime Fitness. She teaches Tuesday and Thursday at 4:45 PM.

One of the most inspiring classes she teaches is at Asbury Village. There she teaches about a 20 amazing seniors twice a week; one student attended the class at the age of 100 years young.

Teaching yoga at resorts is another exciting yoga venture, combing two of Nancy's favorite things, yoga and the beautiful Caribbean.

It is her intention to guide students to a place where they can improve their experience; body, mind, and Spirit through the practice of Yoga.

Contact Nancy Steinberg if you have any questions about any of her yoga classes. nancy@kulayogaclass.com

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